How We Started?

Guru Customs was established 3 years ago by John Thomson. He had a vision to open a one stop shop for car lovers.

He left school at 16 and served a 4 year apprenteship as a fabricator welder, even tho he enjoyed metalwork fabrication, his true passion was always cars.

At just 23 years old john decided to start his own welding and fabrication company, turning over nearly £1,000,000 in its first 3 years this gave john the finances to do what he really enjoyed, buying cars and modifying them.

At 28 and after 2 years of buying, modifying and selling over 30 cars from his welding workshop, he decided it was time to start a bespoke car business, and so guru customs was born!!

At the beginning the business mainly focused on wheels (the wheel guru) because john already owned most of the equipment he needed through his welding and fabrication business

Starting out in a modest 1200sqft unit and turning over £230,000 in his first year, he soon realised he would need a bigger shop. He then moved to his current premises unit 9, intercity way LS13 4LY.

This is where john had the space and finances to expand into all the other areas guru customs now offers. John now owns and is a director of many businesses in the automotive trade.


Imagine Your Car Feeling New Again

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