Car Customization

Guru Customs offer more than any other car servicing station around the locality, we provide custom body parts and endless permutations of enhancements and modification to revamp the car and give it the look that you’ve dreamt for.

Our team of specialist from a diversified background and experience brings in a wide range of flavors for customization at the most affordable prices, we work persistently and with a passion to craft a finessed finished product. Our motto is customer satisfaction and for that we are highly committed.  

Car Tuning


Sometimes all you sought for is something more out of your car from the factory standards. Guru Customs is unlike other car tuners who heavily relies on products imported from their counterparts, we thrive to provide the best possible services and product in-house. Our experienced Engineers with vast experience in the field are here to provide you with something extra with our wide range of car tuning options to provide your car the oomph factor.

Window Tinting

Window Tinting

Guru customs take meticulous care when it comes to providing window tinting services to its clients. We completely understand the fact that extreme exposure to the sunlight can leave a damaging effect on you and your car thus our selected brands of window tints not only provides a great look to your car but also makes it feel better than before. Our high quality window tints are greatly resistant to UV sun rays and also less prone to bubbling, peeling and color changing! Contact or visit us and we will provide you the right type and shade of window tint for your vehicle.

car tailight tint

Tail/Headlight Tinting

Tail light tinting is one of the coolest and affordable job that gives a custom look just by changing the color or opacity of your car’s tail light. There are variations to tinting the tails light and we take meticulous care so that they don’t fall into illegal category. We prefer the method of using transparent vinyl applied over the lens itself to give it the desired affect rather than spraying on transparent paint to perform tail light tinting. This method ensures less time, less expenditure and ensures there is no chance of damage to the painted surface. Visit our workshop for a same day delivery with 100% guaranteed satisfaction.

Car Dechrome

De Chroming

Have you generally had an aversion to your chrome surrounding the outside of your vehicle? Don’t like paying hundreds and several pounds to fix it? We have got this all covered, Guru Customs provide the De Chroming services of Window de-chrome, roof bar de-chrome, front splitters de-chrome, rear defuser de-chrome, handle de-chrome and fogs de-chrome. So why go anywhere else when you can get it all wrapped at a fraction of price.

Car Vinyl Wrap

Vinyl Wrapping

Have you ever wondered how jealous your friends could be with our collection of custom colors and wide variety of sizes, NO? Choose from over a dozen shades with different sizes and enjoy the personalized look of your car. Specifically designed and tailored for car wrapping, these vinyl can be used for both external and internal use. Our professionals will take care of vinyl application with utmost care and produce results beyond your wildest of imaginations.

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We only use the best products on the market period!! If your looking for a cheap and quick job then sorry we are not the guys for you, we take great pride in what we do and we ultimately believe we are the best at what we do.

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